Thursday, 24 November 2011


Bob is a bit of a philosopher. He's always thinking and pondering
how ? who?
He also likes pancake sandwiches and water aerobic.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


One of my favourite books of all time ( of which they are many) is the Velveteen Rabbit.
It probably doesn't surprise you at all. The whole thing about the rabbit being so worn and loved, precious to the boy, and the rabbit coming to life.

Without wanting to sound nuts or something, I do believe in the "life" in toys, the soul and personality that each one brings and has. it's something I so love about my old boys, that they are not just beautifully made, loved old bears but each have a little soul and personality peeping out. It's one of the big things that made me want to make toys was that I looked around at the toys and bears on offer and so many of them were dead or soul less. As a child and an adult I had/have wonderful toys full of life and personality. I wanted to the world to have what I have and set about trying to do so.

Parsnip is inspired by a combination of that book and the early steiff painted rabbits.
And while I had done some of these felt rabbits on all fours , I have long been wanting to do one on hindlegs.
Parsnip is also for Softies for Mirabel, as wonderful thing Pip does each year, that I always look forward to enormously.
And as usual with the last lot of felt rabbits I made while I do know it's name, I'm not sure of Parsnip's sex. ANd am wondering again if I've managed to make a multisex rabbit.
I'd love your thoughts.

Friday, 18 November 2011

thank you and a winner

thank you for your thoughtful, caring and understanding comments in my One year on post.
It really meant ( means ) alot, the time and thought you put into them, and for listening and being "there " for me.
what a wonderful community this blogging community is. it's funny in a way to announce the winner of the giveaway today because this above is exactly the sort of thing I feel so grateful for in blogging and a big part of why I did my giveaway, to say thank you. And it makes me a little sad that you couldn't all winner, but I guess that is the nature of the giveaway. that there is only one winner.
So without further adew ( or crapping on ) this winner of the Gordon Giveaway is ....


Congratulations Cherrie!!! I will email to find out your address so I can get Gordon to you asap.
thank you all for entering. I so enjoyed finding out all the different favourite animals.
hope you're having a great Friday

Thursday, 17 November 2011

the last one

By the last one i mean the last steiff type bear of the year. With christmas orders and stuff for the colab still to do , I don't think I will have time for another of them until next year.
His name is Igor Kwonk, and he's the wonkiest of all my mohair bears that I make. Wonky nose, askew eyes, ears of different sizes, lots of staining and ageing and mooshing, and lots of fun to make.

he's is insipred or based off Mr Worn old wonk himself, Ferdy an old bear of mine.

And Igor was this guy way back then , so see there always is a happy ending, even if it takes a few weeks ( because I realised half way through making him that i didn't have all the materials to make him properly, hence waiting for mail order etc)

Monday, 14 November 2011

one year on ( and a bit)

it's been a year a bit more since i last wrote about this issue and not much has changed.
I'm one year older, hopefully a little wiser and still single and tired of being so.
And yes I can hear many of you saying " you're still so young" " I have many friends over 30 in the same situation as you", " it will happen when you least expect it" " enjoy your freedoms" etc.
But perhaps ( and no offense) it feels different on the other side of things, when you've got your person, when you have seen it happen for you.
There's been a few disastrous attempts with online dating, lots of getting myself "out there" and phone numbers taken by potentials who never get back to me.
But when everyone you know, all your friends and relatives are in long term relationships and yet I'm still in the same place, it's hard not to doubt, to worry will it ever happen for me,? is there something wrong with me? I know I have a lot of love to give but is that enough , perhaps I'm not this enough or that enough. And at 31 I'm feeling not so happy painting the town red and am wanting to lead a more settled life.
And yes i have my freedoms and I've enjoyed them, but they don't feel like freedoms anymore, they feel like an emptiness and a loneliness, if that makes sense.
I see so much of what so many of you have and I want something like that of my own. A family of my own, not just my family family.
And yes i know i need to keep the faith and not think about it, but sometimes it's hard not too, like tonight.
thanks for letting me vent and for listening.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Frog Stewart

I love frogs ( oh here she goes again you're probably thinking) and have had various forays into trying to make a frog over the last couple of year, the first I wasn't happy with , and then when I tried later again i again wasn't happy ( it was "fine" one of my most hated words, but nothing special)
But then something recently happened that made me want to get back on the frog bandwagon and try once again. And I do really love frogs ( I got given a Frogs of Australia Book for my birthday- that's how much I love frogs) and it felt wrong not to make my own version of one of my favourite animals.
But let me tell you, Frogs are hard. I think it might be that thing of the simplest things are often the hardest to create if you know what i mean?

Anyway 4 tries attempts later and me totally rethinking the way I was going about it , Frog Stewart was born.
Named after my childhood best friend's knitted toy frog ( made by her Grandma) who also was called Frog Stewart as their last name was Stewart, And all my life I have felt that is the best name for a frog ( and that the original Frog Stewart was the best frog toy )
Frog Stewart is for young girl whose going through a particular hard and difficult time at the moment, having to deal with something that a child shouldn't have to, but unfortunately many do.
I know Frog Stewart is really just a small thing that won't really change anything, but hope perhaps he will bring this brave girl some comfort and keep her company along the road.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Just because giveaway

I've been meaning to do a giveaway for some time on my blog but never got around to it. to be honest every time I was about to, i saw one of my bloggy peeps do a giveaway so shied away from it because i didn't want to take away from their one. I'm a dork that way, but then the longer I waited it seemed there wasn't a right time, there were always giveaways going on by lovely peeps so i'll probably be waiting for ever
So I'm siezing the moment and plunging ahead.
Other than that there is no real reason for this giveaway , except it's November and really just wanting to say thank you to you for your ongoing support generosity, companionship and general aceness and loveliness.
Gordon is the subject of the giveaway in question.

Gordon is obsessed with all things nautical and sailing. He especially loves racing little boats on whatever water he can find lying around. He likes Peanut Brittle a whole lot too.

to go in the running to have this little sea faring Ele, all you need to do is comment and tell me your favourite animal or animals if you find it too hard. OH and be a follower of this funny old blog.
the giveway will be open for week and finish of Wednesday 16th of November 12 midnight the time I try to get in bed ( but never ever manage to)

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Sorry I know some of you freak out a little with the heads.
for more spaces