Sunday, 28 February 2010

thrifty finds

Salt and Pepper Shakers ( needing a bit of clean) a gift for my aunt I think who collects blue and white china, another gnome for the garden, a tiny little swan pitcher ( almost bear size,)
2 lovely yellow cups and and a bear cup
and a Bunnykins bucket - perfect for bears to play in, from my local "favourite people" Op shop. I love the ladies in this one so much.
But the find of the week did not come from any Op shop, Garage Sale and didn't cost me another.

I found this Bread Tin, up in my mum and dad's attic. It's only fault is it doesn't close. I think I'll be going up into that attic a bit more....
Hope you having a nice Sunday and last day of summer/winter, where ever who might be.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

A little bit creepy

Yesterday when I woke up I wasn't able to get any emails, and then after breakfast my internet died. I didn't really think twice about, this happens to me often being on bloody wireless, and soon enough it would right itself.
After a while still no luck and my modem was doing all sorts of the weird things, so I did my usual thing of resetting it, turning it off and again etc, with no luck. I tried rebooting the system and every time it told me my password/ username was incorrect, which i thought was weird since it hadn't changed.
It got around the middle of the afternoon and still no luck, so I decided to call Telstra, and after transferred around tech support I was informed my account had been closed and they transferred me to the Billing Department. I already a bit freaked and angry as I had been paying all my bills on time and the people hadn't been very nice. Luckily the guy I was transferred to in billing, actually took the time saw my bill history, looked into the matter and it turned out my account had been supsended because some lovely hacker and hacked into my email. He reset my passwords- 10 points to this guy he was soo nice and helpful (and then transferred me to the Department who could activate my account) and after 1 1/2 on the phone and hold music now permanently stuck in my head , I would get my email/internet back - within 24 hours.
It did sort of leave me with a creepy feeling, that someone could do that so easily- and it would have been nice for Telstra to let me know- has this ever happened to you?

PS. if anyone has tried to send me emails etc and have them bounce back or whatever, everything is back to normal.
Not that i'm expecting anything or anything if you know what i mean

Thursday, 25 February 2010

What was needed I think

Hmm, I'm much happier now.

My Creative space

This week I've a had a dose of as this gorgeous girl puts EITTTS, bear heads flopping all over the place. I've been working on a bear like this one for my friend Michelle whose baby is due, in about a month. When I saw her yesterday, she said doctors are telling her she needs to be prepared from now until then, which has sent me into a little panic, which never helps when suffering from EITTTS.
So back to the drawing board, now it's just deciding which of my latest redrafted patterns is the one to go with, it's funny but in this sort of bear, the tiniest changes can make a big difference. I don't know why I have to draw up so many!
Even Mr Pringles, here- the only thing I've managed to finish this week, is giving me the wobbles.
( He's Kermit and Howie's eccentric cousin, who is currently residing in the Caribean, but has also spent a lot of time in Spain, is fluent in spanish and a ami World Champion Flamenco Dance. He's favourite food is spaghetti jaffles)
For more productive creative spaces pop over to Kirsty's.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I just want to say a big thank you to you all lovely people out there for your gorgeous comments, emails, for caring and being so compassionate, and allowing me to indulge in a bit of self pity and "woe is me". You really are the best. You know how to make a girl smile and feel special and understood. I was really quite overwhelmed by the responses, I had felt I was being super self indulgent. You guys turned a crappy day into a warm and fuzzy evening.
thank you from the the bottom of my heart, You really rock.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Just one of those days

Today is one of those days where I'm not sure I should have got out of bed.
Some of the hightlights have been in the wee hours of morn, woken by a horrible nightmare, to come down to find I hadn't secured the lid on the honey and it had tipped over spilling most of itself on the table and Wally had decided to take a backflip into ( not sure actually he wasn't trying to get into the honey and since he is about the size of the jar accidentally knocked it over) leaving my wallet at the supermarket, and then a woman making the most inappropriate comments about my size and body all before 9am.
I also seem to have a case of the fragiles, things bothering me that shouldn't, going between feeling annoyed by everything and small fits of rage, to attacks of the weepies and insecurity and hopelessness. Lovely cocktail of neurosis.
So in brief , I'd stay away if I were you, I'm a total nutjob today.
Sorry for the whinge, but sometimes we all need one.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

SLF festival

Yesterday I went to the SLF ( Sustainable Living Foundation) Festival. It was really fantastic so many interesting stalls, talks, workshops ranging in all areas from Design, garden, food, craft and art ,environment and ecolodgy etc.
I found it hugely inspiring and humbling seeing so many different organizations all doing wonderful things, my bag was very heavy with brochures and pamphlets and I wanted to help them all out. Amoung them Friends of the Earth- launching a new Eco Market in Melbourne ,Wildlife Victoria, Transistion Towns, Landcare Victoria and my current crush organization Very Edible Gardens where I enrollled in a chook course and a permaculture course too.
And saw this lovely work by Siobhan McMahon
and this piece, made from old phone directories by Annamaria Plescia two of the artists in an exhibition that was part of the festival.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Big Peabody

thank you all so much for lovely comments about big Peabody in process.
Well now he's finished. I haven't named him because he's for a special baby to be who either they or Kitty and hubby can name him. So in the mean time, I call him Big Peabody. Which is funny because he's not all that big, I mean compared to normal Peabody, but BPB measures in just under 28cm, not earthshatteringly big. I was trying to make him 30cm but that stuff is hard changing patterns and stuff, I guess I don't think too much about what size my bears will be when making them.
I decided to give him paw and foot pads, because traditionally when bears were over a certain size in the old days they got pads. And I wasn't sure how he would look padless at this size. And its funny, he's a bit gentler too in the big size, very much a bear in his own right.

Friday, 19 February 2010


I'm liking this album alot.

Sweet boys

The other night I saw both the Crayon Fields and Pains of Being Pure at heart and I was struck by how both bands were soo sweet natured and young. I'm entering that new era of my life when alot of the bands I go see are younger than me, ( but nevertheless still taller)
I do love the Crayon Fields, they are so unassuming, a bit daggy and not very confidant. I feel in love with one of the Guitar players, not in a romantic way, but in the way you fall in love with an abandoned kitten, who was concentrating so hard and never quite seemed on top of it. Not that you could hear it, their songs are great if you haven't heard them before.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were very sweet too, the lead singer kept thanking his mum for coming out from the US. It was very sweet. I like this new brand of rock star.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Creative space

With all last week's procrastination and indecision, and things taking me way longer than usual I felt I sort of lost my crafting mojo.
I very happy to say that is has returned. At the moment I'm working on a special commission for this girl's baby to be, a larger Peabody. I was so chuffed to be asked. When I first started on him, the size was freaking me out a bit, he seemed HUGE compared to the normal Peabody, and also to my little guys. But now I think he's coming together alright. I hope she likes him. I'm really enjoying being back to (the other ) mohair bears. I feel pretty goddamn lucky, I love making bears in both mediums, so much so at times I have to say it out whether in company or not. Mum said to me the other night, " Yes I think we know that by now" but I still think it is a precious thing, after all this time and bears, the sense of joy is still there more so than less.
A big thanks to Kirsty for being the host, for more Creative Spaces pop over her place.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hairy and Hot

I'm so excited when the latest issue of Frankie arrived on Monday, but even more excited that when I opened up I saw one of Evie's gorgeous Bearded Blokes featured in Frankie Bits. And why wouldn't they be, they are soo gorgeous and original.
Congratulations Evie!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving person! She's the real thing this girl, and it's so nice that she's been recognised. To nab one of her creations pop over here.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My place and yours: Kitchen Love

My kitchen is a bit of a work in progress, perhaps pathetic since I've been here for nearly 1 1/2 years. I've also wanted to have a kitchen that was wonderful and homey and vintage and nanna, and my kitchen is not what I want it to be yet.
But there are still things I love about my kitchen. Number 1, is my fridge. It's my baby and pride and joy of the kitchen. An Original 50's Kelivinator, complete with blue freezer and alphabet magnets. I cannot tell you how much I love this fridge. All my life I've wanted one of these, ever since I was little and I remember my grandmas one down at the beach house. And thanks to ebay and some strong men, the dream has come true. I'm not sure why Puddy sits on top of it, but he's been there for while, and he quite likes it there, the view and easily access for a snack. ( I tell a lie I think he is my favourite thing in the kitchen)
Also the fact that my kitchen is yellow. Aside from the Kelivinator fridge dream, there has always been the yellow kitchen dream, and when I moved into this place, the wood was the most horrible piney veneery stuff, that just seems to be calling for a paint brush and now it is very yellow.

And like all the rooms in my place, there is plenty of bears and related things but in case your were having any doubts about my bear love.
THanks so much to Nic and Tracey for picking the theme for this week My Place and Yours. I've been loving seeing so many wonderful kitchens and related items over at Punky and Me.

Monday, 15 February 2010

See ya Woody

thanks for all 8 years of Wig Wam Bam and all the great tunes.

Thrifty finds

Etched glass vase

round crochet thing. Chair cover perhaps? ( hello feet.)

sweet rabbit saucer

salt and peper shakers to add to my collection
For more thrifty finds pop over to Flea Market finds, hosted by her library adventures

Friday, 12 February 2010

it's a hard life being a Turtle cat part 2

the other use for a modem


Yesterday when i was on my walk I spotted this little guy abandoned on the footpath.I picked him up and there was in instant connection , but I wasn't sure what to do, so I put him back down because what if some child ( or adult) had lost him and at this very moment was in tears and desperately searching for him. And I didn't want to be responsible for breaking up a good relationship, or taking someones special bear away from them.
But he was there again today, now soaking wet from being in all the rain. So I picked up him again, and afraid he might catch a cold or bear pneumonia I put him in my bag to bring him home, looking around the street like I was some dodgy criminal breaking in to a house, to dry him off out at the very least.
It's terrible I can't shake the feeling of worry and guilt that I've taken someones special guy, so I think I should put an add or something in a few shops.
PS If this is your special bear please email me.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Brave women

In the past several months there have been are number of women out there in the blogging world, who have been sharing more personal , sometimes painful things. Ive been so amazed and admiring and I really mean that , I don't want this post to sound fake or something.I think it is incredibly brave to share some of the not so good things, sad things and personal things and painful things. And done with such grace and dignity too. I wish I could do it, share more of the other stuff about me, things I keep on the inside, but the worry and fear is to big. But everytime I read any of these posts I feel really truly inspired.
SO I take my hat off to you guys. I think you are ace. ( I hope you know who you are)

My creative space

Now that the market's over, I've have a few custom orders to work on. The first one is for my cousins little boy, basically two little ami guys. I was deeply thrilled by idea of making some little blokes/ girls for Em ( my cousin) but the only problem with this order is, she found it too hard to choose, so has left it up to me, and I hate choosing for other people. I'm great at procrastinating and this just brings out the worst in me, lots of wobbling for this bear to that, between an elephant and a lamb, which one to start first. I think to honest I need something like the market a deadline and some stress to set me straight. Finally I settled on a Enid, above and now I'm working on a Cumkwat. I hope she likes them.
For more creative goings on pop over to Kirsty's to play along and have a peek.
PS that little book is my pattern book, aren't you proud of me, I've been writing every pattern each time!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

summer feet

Feeling Green

image from here.

this weekend I'm hoping to pop along to Craft Hatch- the Sustainable edition on Saturday, and the lauch of Transition Decade, an exciting new campaign tackling the change needed around Climate Change.
These are both part of the Sustainable living Foundation (slf) festival on between the 6th-21st of Feb. There are also many other wonderful things both happening locally, and at the festival's main event at Federation Square the following weekend from 19-21st of Feb. Where there are tonnes of great talks, workshops and exhibitors.I always love attending the main event, and find it inspiring and empowering and informative, both see what others are doing and learning whatt I can do to help, in an issue that can leave you feeling powerless. (it's all free by the way)
FOr more info check of the slf website.

Monday, 8 February 2010

the One that got away

Even though I made him for the market, I couldn't sell Posswonk, I've become throughly attached to him. I've got it quite bad, I've been carrying him round everywhere. This doesn't happen very often to me, it happen briefly with this guy but after a week I was ready him for to move on.
Does this ever happen to you, you can't give something you've made away or let it go?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

First Market round up

Yesterday as many of you are aware was the first Northside Makers Market for the year and also my first ever time doing a stall. I had a lovely time, I had been really nervouse, it was a lovely market, all the market stallholders were so lovely and welcoming ( and supportive too giving homes to some of my guys) to a newcomer, and I also got a chance to meet some lovely people coming as visitors to the market and talk to people face to face.
Cindy was kind enough to drop by, ( and give Larry a home) it was sooo lovely to see her and I was lucky enough to meet Caleb and Poppy, and Glenn too, a pal Jacinta also dropped by later on, which was really sweet of her too.
Some of the stall holders there included the lovely Holly from Two Cheese Please, Sandra from Pepperberry Co, Michelle from mecino, Cathie from Melbourne Epicure ( finally got to meet her she is gorgeous) and Nat from Rebound Books. I was very taken with Rebound books, who take old books and rebind them to make diaries, notebooks, journals and photoalbums. They were just so beautiful. Made me regret that I already had a diary! Rebound books were featured in the last issue of Frankie , if the name rings a bell.
The day was not without it's dramas though. The day before yesterday, on Friday I developed the worst chase of gastro and the runs and which over the day made me weaker and weaker, I cannot remember the last time I was that sick. Wake up Saturday morning, hasn't gone away, gotten worse and feel so faint and weak, I can't sit up. Then of course I start feel upset and panicy which doesn't help the situation, the "OH God I can't go, but I can't not go too" and "I've worked so hard"yadda yadda, and rang mum and dad. Somehow with the help of them, Gastrostop, butterscotch and gatorade, I mananged somehow to make it to the market. And luckily over time, I began to improve. Whew talk about a near miss!
I was utterly surprised and overwhelmed by the response to my guys, 9 of them found new loving homes! I had not expected this, and had worried I wouldn't sell a thing. People were so
generous is their comments too.
I really want to thank Cam, as when I emailed her last year about the idea of me trying a market she suggested Northside Makers, and also gave me lots of useful advice and help. I couldn't have done it without her and it was the perfect market for me to start out . Thanks so much Cam, your really are Superpops!!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I might be getting one of these....

, originally uploaded by Lessie!.

I'm pretty excited!!
Not that my house needs are more chaos.
Turtle's having some emotional issues at the moment, she is super SUPER needy and clingy and other tings, i talked to my vet and getting a kitten might be the answer.....

My creative space

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about my ami line up and turtle, last week.
this week I've been getting reading for the market and I'm getting rather nervous. My house is like a chaos of making.
The family has grown since last week and it's getting hard to fit them in one photo.Ready to take on the world, and spread wonkiness everywhere. ( Wonk will reign!)
The new additions have been Mopoke, the little guy I think I've ever made, 4.5" tall, and made from a yarn I got at the oppy. He likes star gazing, and walking the tightrope- on the ground. He loves scones with jam and cream, and always gets cream and jam all over his face.
Spencer. Who loves school, practicing his handwriting and apricot bars.
And Larry the finished turtle from last week.

This is probably the final line for the market, although I found this Ned, in pieces all crocheted up but not stuffed, who I'd like to try to get done in time, but I really hate rushing my bears, and want to make one I'm proud of , rather than one good enough and rushed. It's funny I haven't nedded in a long time, I've missed him, and he seems HUGE compared to the ami guys.
I also am doing a bit of goccoing (?) printing up some cards to take along
A big thanks to our host Kirsty. To see more creative happens pop over here.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My place and yours: Shoes

Firstly I wanted to say a big thanks to the lovely wishes I received from you yesterday re my face, I'm on medication now, and I think I slightly over estimated western medicine and expected to wake up this morning pain and puff free. No, but I think these things take time.
Anyway your wishes meant a lot.
This week's theme for My Place and Yours is one dear to my heart. Shoes. thanks Gypsy I've once before expressed some of my views on shoes but heres a more broad look. Firstly I will say I have tiny feet and it's pretty hard for me to find shoes I like in my size (size 5) I often have to wear insoles to make them fit.
While I don't have a huge collection of shoes, what I have I love and I mean really love and wear to death. I'm not a huge believer of new shoes, it's not something that excites me, rather I dread the death of an old pair and starting again with a new pair. I will only buy new shoes when I absolutely have to. And even then I feel mean or worried about how my old ones will feel, being replaces thrown out, discarded, when they've served me so well. When i bought some boots for winter last year, I worried about how my Connies would feel if I didn't wear them as much.
Perhaps pictures will display is better than my ramblings.
Only last week my favourite summer shoes, my old school shoes bit the dust. The sad truth is, this is not the first time this has happened, I have stuck them together 3 times myself and last time took them to shoe repairer ( you should have seen the look I got.) And even this time I was tempted to try again .... ( So now my answer is to keep them, these totally unwearable shoes, just so they won't be upset and live in some sort of denial)
And then there are my connies, my favourite sort of shoe, but these babies ( once bright yellow) have a bit more in them yet.... I'm waiting till that hole gets bigger and gravel and water starts to come into the shoe.

And then Wally and Bruce, my reindeer slippers...
Let's wait and see what I can do to these babies...

For more shoe love look over here.