Monday, 31 August 2009

Just a minute in August

Just snuck in for Just a minute.

Watching. Boston Legal season 5. I totally love this show, it cracks me up, and I like it's total unpcness, and yet really underneath all the fluff it has great values. I've also starting watching the second season of Californication, which is totally different, but I think it's brilliant too.

Listening this month I haven't been listening to much 'new' stuff. I'm still rather stuck on Grand Salvo's latest Soil Creatures. I've also been enjoying going back to Noble Creatures from Andrew Bird, and New Buffalos wonderful Somewhere, Anywhere, although I am dying to get my hands on Yo La Tengos newest, and Iron and Wine's Around the Well

Making : This month I've made a bit more of a mix of bear, meaning mohair jointed ones, and little amis, new ones and old tried and true friends. 

Talking in the middle of the month was this years Radiothon, so I'm spent more time talking, and on the phone with Madonna type headsets than I usually do .

Enjoying the signs and smells of spring sneaking in, and sometime not being so cold!!!

Reading: the latest wonderful issue of Mixtape.

To join in or see what some other have been up to click here.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

A final goodbye.

Last night I saw the Lucksmiths in their final show ever at the Corner Hotel. It was an amazing night, the crowd was amazing and the guys did not disapoint playing songs spanning over the 16 years or so they were together for two and half hours including two encores. It was a unbelievable night and  I kept on going between joy and exhilaration , to sad quietness. i guess even though they announced their break up in May, it has been until this past week and last night that it really hit home.
I 've been listening to and going to see the Lucksmiths for 15 of their 16 years, ever since I was 14. So I feel like I've sort of grown up with them and their music has gotten me through some pretty hard times, so their breakup felt more than just a favourite band breaking up, even though I don't know them personally. Perhaps too it was that they are a Melbourne band, and as well as their fabulous songs, the on stage banter and manner and humour ( and dagginess)  was like no other band I have seen or come across
I must admit there have been a few tears shed by me. But although I am sad, I also  feel incredibly lucky ( no pun intended ) to have know their music and been to so many of their gigs and been touched by their spirit.
Thank you Luckies , you won't be replaced or forgotten . xo

Thursday, 27 August 2009

My creative space

I'm afraid my creative space is rather boring this week, or from week to week, it looks pretty much the same..
Anyway in it today is a head of a bear that hasn't seen much action, beginnings of yet another amigurumi guy, Gus for company, a vintage teddy applique quilt for warmth and a freshly finished Ned and Frisbee, Peanut awaiting pick up and Morris just wanting the company.
thanks as always to the ever inspiring and generous Kirsty for hosting my creative space.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

See what I mean???

Puddy again. Oh my, look at those pointy feet, and that profile, concave chest, and far off expression. I'm a goner!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In the bag

Today Puddy has been keeping me company. I'm not  sure if you've met Puddy, or I'm not sure if I spoken much about him. Puddy is another member of my old bear collection ( as in I didn't make him) and he is it today. He usually sits on my dresser or the chair beside my bed, gazing off into the distance in a dream, with his wandering eye but today I can't leave him alone. He is just speaking to me. Here pictured we are on our way out and he insisted on coming.  But he's been spending a bit of time on the mantle piece so everytime I walk into the past I have to pick him up and talk to him. And you know he is the only one of my old guys who can speak back! Sometimes, when he's not feeling shy or under pressure he's little old squeaker works, and he squeaks happy away.
You must think i'm nuts , ha! I'm such a kid still. 

Yvonne Kendall

Image originally found here.

Do you know Yvonne Kendall's work? I love it!! To find out more about her you can look here

Friday, 21 August 2009

Uh OH more Gocco

I've been at in again, late tonight, this time I stepped out and used gold, and made some cards, printed envelopes, whatever I could find.
After being at RRR on the phones for radiothon, I really enjoyed getting back to doing stuff with my hands and bears, starting on an new version of this guy, posted Smudge off  ( yes can you believe he sold!)  Nothing to much to do with numbers, telephones, spelling and computers. Although it was fun too. ( and we got fed)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Measuring up

Panda Measuring Tape, originally uploaded by feltmates!.

from feltmates. WHo thought measuring could be fun?

Sunday, 16 August 2009

I finished him!

Yes I finally finished the little guy I've been wobbling over. Thank you all again so very much for all your lovely, kind and encouraging words. You guys rock. 
His name is Smudge and he really likes touching his toes and hanging out with Peabody.

Grand Salvo

                                                                                                 image originally found here.
Last night I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Grand Salvo. He was launching his latest album Soil Creatures that I just love, and played with a small chamber orchestra, including the harp. ( I love the harp!)  It was beautiful and magical beyond belief. I really can't recommend him and this album enough!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

finished crochet lampshade

finished crochet lampshade, originally uploaded by jaboopee.

Isn't this beautiful! I found it on the new flickr group Crocheted Interiors that the ever clever Pip has started. Pop over and look at lovely pictures of all things nanna and crochet, and join in if you've got crocheted things around you house.

My creative space

This week I've been working on a new bear and have been agonizing over him a bit, ( it's the unfinished head) and have been having a case of the wobbles and doubts over him and was at one point thinking of giving up on him. I decided , thanks to some lovely peeps on flickr, to finish him off, but I keep getting a bit worried about him...  but he does seem to have a little life already..
Also the beginnings of another Ned. 
For more creative spaces, visit Kirsty's wonderful blog.

Monday, 10 August 2009

My weekend

I had a lovely weekend this weekend.
On Saturday:
I went to the open studio of Ghostpatrol and Miso, where I got this beautiful gocco print from Miso. She is so talented, her work is so beautiful and fine and detail it blows my mind.
It was lovely to them again, and their work which I find so inspiring.
I popped in to the Studio Sale at the Nicholas Building where I had a exciting chat with Angela about Japan, saw some lovely things and bought the perfect card for my dad's birthday from Anna Laura.
Then I went to Craft Hatch at the city library and saw some of the new emerging crafters.
I squeaked Peabody a little too much.
I got totally caught up in a very footy match between Brisbane and Essendon ( it was a draw)
On Sunday , my parents and I visited Davis, my cousins little baby boy who was born early back in May at only 576grams. He is now almost triple his birth weight at a little over 1.5kg, breathing on his own, in a open cot now and breastfeeding. He is doing really well, he is such a little fighter and champ.
I started on a new bear.
Mum and I had afternoon tea at our favourite cafe.
I watched my boys have any  easy victory over Richmond.
I hope you had a nice weekend!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Squeak to me!!!!

squeak to me, originally uploaded by teddybearswednesday.

Thanks to a lovely Erin, from a lovely swap at Brown Owls which Pip organised, I scored a squeaker. And who better to than Peabody to have this squeaker? Making bears with squeakers, or any noise makers brings the child out in me, and I spend far too much time squeaking rather than finishing the bear off.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


In the past week or so I've been having the late night Doodles. For some reason I really feel like drawing late at night just when I'm getting a little sleepy, then I get excited and i'm wide awake and the next thing I know it's 2 am. I do regret it in the morning at 6 or 7am. But do I learn?
(at least I'm having fun)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Gocco takeover

this afternoon I had my 2nd Gocco print.
I got heaps of prints on paper bags, and cards of a little panda I had drawn some time last week. And it sort of took over my house. there were prints everywhere!
It is super fun, and super addictive. I 
I still haven't advanced to two colours in one print but I'm happy. For some truly amazing Gocco prints look here
Thanks to everyone for the kind and encouraging comments about my first Gocco print. It was really lovely! 

Just a moment in July

Muffin the panda, originally uploaded by teddybearswednesday.

OK I know I'm a day late, but I've been sick, and hoping that well since August hasn't really started properly yet, I can get away with it, and plus I think in some parts of the world it might still be July ( Hopefully?)

Listening. I've been very excited about Music of late, and feel like there has been a wealth of great music being released especially most wonderfully, Local music.
Here's some stuff I've been loving Sleeping Patterns by Jordie Lane, Soil Creatures by Grand Salvo, James Yuill, The Orbweavers, Major Chord.
Reading Current Issue of Frankie.
Drawing. I have to say I've really been enjoying just doing some simple doodles, nothing fantastic i know but I'm having fun
Making. July feels like it has been a bear crazy month of bear making, in a good way. Perhaps now I've finished my course, I've just been so excited to be back to my bears, and have gone into over drive. Peabody seems to be a bit the flavour of the month, plus still looks of little guys, and a Ned to boot too.
Printing. July has also been the incredibly exciting month of me getting my own Gocco!
Yogaing (I'm not sure that is a word) I stared doing Yoga, and now have a little practice I do every night. I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially for all us stitchers and crafters bloggers etc, who are often hunched or in funny postures . I'm already feeling better in my body, in less pain and it's a real pleasure to do. It doesn't feel like a chore or exercise. It also both relaxs me and energisers me.
Watching. I really enjoyed the first seasons  of Private Practice, and Gossip Girl. Trashy I know, but sometimes you just need a a bit of trashy TV.
Thanks so Jen for hosting Just a minute.