Thursday, 30 April 2009

and again!

My Teddy, originally uploaded by Hinfrance.


Old Teddy, originally uploaded by fastbird61.

I reallly want One of these!

Piglet, originally uploaded by Christine Eaves.

along with my cow and chickens.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Peanut's song

I recently gave a dear family friend Peanut for her new born baby. Today I received one of the ultimate compliments, her older brother ( about 7 years old I think) has made up a song about Peanut. I think it's very Peanut. ( apparently a super jet is a very good thing, and it can fly down and  rescue Peanut.
Peanut is so lonely
In the sky
but flying high
he sees a super-jet

Monday, 27 April 2009

Just a minute in.... April

time for the monthly round up thanks to Jen
Watching: Same old same old- West Wing, deep into season 5. ( i just love this show, I'm not sure what I will do when it ends)
Listening : Bill Callahan's latest " I wish we were an eagle" I've been waiting and wanting this album for ages, and it's so worth it, I love his deep voice, lyrics about nature and animals and beautiful things. Also The Rise and Fall of Goodtown by Wagons. Fun stuff.
Making: well most of April was spent on this guy, but also currently finishing up a Cornflakes and then some more little amigurumi guys.
Eating: This month I've "discovered"a new food, well new for me. Firstly it started with Tinned beetroot ( yum) . Then I decided if I like tinned Beetroot why not try just plain old normal beetroot that i cook myself, even better I say. My mum's best friend has a pumpkin plant that's going crazy so I've been eating lots of roast pumpkin and beetroot. ( but now since I'm sick I had to stop my beetroot/pumpkin obsession because well it was not agreeing with me, and eat tinned chicken soup - i think it tastes good when you are sick.)
Mourning: the death of my Ipod. Sometime last week it sort of had a nervous breakdown of sorts, and I think it needs to go to the doctor.  I'm missing it terribly. It's weird how quickly you become used to having things like Ipods, mobiles etc. I have my ipod less than a year, survived many years and countless walks without it, but then  suddenly the past 5 days of musicless walks and the less "musical" freedom I have found a little unbearably. ( then again I am sick, so perhaps I'm just a little sensy.)

I'm sick

Today as yesterday, as yesterday i'm sick in bed, although yesterday I was asleep most of it, so I'm not sure if it's an improvement that I'm well awake, because now I get to feel sick, rather than sleep through it ( although I still very much horizontal ) So there is plenty of feeling sorry for myself going on around here. I seem to have come down with a tasty combo of gastro and flu if that's possible. Anyway I hate being sick (ok who doesn't). It's such a waste of time.But I'm lucky, I've got possibly the best company for being sick, 10+ bears, whose  favourite thing to do is snuggle, sleep and be in bed. ( they also make a mean cup of tea), and I'm watching none stop West wing, and craving condensed Chicken Vegetable soup, and barely moving from the couch.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

And he's done

Yesterday, I finally finished my latest version of Colin. So he here is. I think I'm more pleased with him than the last one I made, but.... perhaps I've got the post bear wobbles....It always happens to me after I finish a bear.
Anyway Colin is 13" tall, fully jointed and made from a distressed mohair which I have additionally plucked , sanded and clipping to ( hopefully) make him look old. He's sort of your classic bear. His head is stuffed with wood wool, his arms and legs cotton stuffing, and his body is filled with pellets giving him a bit of a squidgy feeling. He's got a bit of wonky nose ( on purpose) and lack of some nose and claw stiching ( again on purpose). He's modeled on/ inspired by as you may know my beautiful old Steiff bear Gus ( whom I did not make), with whom he's pictured in the last pic. More pics of him are over here.

Kid Sam

Image originally found here.
Last night I saw Kid Sam at an free instore at Polyester. They were really fantastic. I've been loving this album ever since it came out in March. It's one of my favourites of the year.It's their debut album, and it sure doesn't sound like a debut. If you haven't heard them yet, have a listen, I can't recommend them enough!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My creative space

My trust crafty couch. At the moment I'm working on my WIP bear whose still in bits ( as pictured bel0w, but his head is just propped on his body in that pic) doing all the finishing touches like ageing, sewing on ears etc, you can't see it but me and the couch is covered in mohair from all the plucking and clipping and sanding etc. 
Gus is there too, one of my antique bear ( not made by me) as he is the inspiration behind this bear.
THanks to our lovely host Kirsty. Check out her lovely site and see what it's all about.
I'm hoping Colin

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Currently loving...

Neko Case and her lastest album Middle Cyclone

Store update.

Scooter and Nugget have been added to my etsy store.

Friday, 17 April 2009


Tonight I was lucky enough to see Luluc. I have loved this band and their album Dear Hamlyn ever since it came out last year, but until now I never been able to see them.
They did not disappoint, it was totally beautiful and special. So much so I really had to hold back tears.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

My easter weekend

I spent this past Easter weekend down at Walkerville, at my grandparents/familly holiday house. It is less than a 5 mins from the beach. Here are so pics from the view from the house ( I wanted to take more photos but someone forgot her battery charger and that someone's camera had very little battery power left in it, great planning I say)
I had a lovely quiet weekend of taking lots of walks  on the beach, listening to great music, made 2 and half bears, watching footy, reading, doing the "word" and keeping the fire going. The weather was quite cool down there so we had a fire every day. I love the beach in the cooler weather, there are less people around and there is something magic about it. I had one slightly embarrassing moment, in which after thinking I was completely  alone on the beach, decided what the hell, and sung loudly with no holes bared along with my ipod, when I turned around some point later I discovered that there was a couple walking only about 100 metres behind me. OOpps. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Okkervil River

Okkervil River, originally uploaded by crazybobbles.

One of my favourite bands, Okkervil River and coming out to Australia in little over than a month, and I'm like pee in the pants excited. Last time they came, I was all set to go, and suddenly got terribly sick the day of the gig and couldn't go, so I'm doubly excited. I've been doing my usual thing of when I'm going to see a band I like play soon of not playing their music so they sound even better when I hear them live , but I keep hearing them on the radio and get all smiley and excited. On the weekend I sort of broke down, like someone who loves chocolate depriving themselves of it and then eating nothing but chocolate for days but in this case, I basically listened to them all weekend, all their albums that I own. SOmehow I doubt they will sound any less good when I see them though...

Monday, 6 April 2009

a turtle- a real turtle not my cat

My aunt Phylp came down to visit from Sydney this weekend. SHe is a sculpturer and she is always spoiling me.
She made me this divine tiny bronze turtle knowing my affection for turtles , it is so beautiful and detailed and so like a real little turtle.I'm not sure it's really done justice by photos, but I've tried my best. It's really quite small, so I've included a pic of it on a matchbox to give a sense of scale. I think she is amazing she can do something like this.
Last time she came down she made me this too. Aren't I spoilt?

Saturday, 4 April 2009

You may have already seen this

Bring back duffa!!!!

I have to say I'm a bit excited about the mutual love for duffa that is around. I think it's time to bring it back, I mean not that it ever went anywhere, but I hardly ever here it anymore. I think now is it's time, and if we start now we could begin a revolution. It's so much nicer than idiot, moron and (excuse me) dickhead or wanker (although at time I have to admit a fondness for wanker). It always makes me smile after I've said it and is like a feather duster crossed between it's self, like a combination of the two words. It makes me think of nannas and granny rugs and scones and hot sweet cups of tea. Of simpler jolly times, when there were milk bars on every corner.....
( Ok it's slightly scary how much I think about duffa and words I'd admit, but you know i've got one of those minds that is never empty , sort of can't stop thinking and well you know)
PS While we are bringing back duffa, can we bring back Milk Bars too, I miss them, with their cardboard white sandwiches always with grated carrot, and pies and mixed lollies you could chose.

My latest toy

Picked up from a garage sale. It's like totally my size. It's very fun zipping around on it. Like this lovely girl said , it's fun being a kid again!
PS I also like the word zipping. zip zip zip. It's so zippy!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Some words I really like


Thursday, 2 April 2009

For those of you looking for Pip's Book

I heard on Loobylu's blog in the comments that some people are finding it hard to get their hands on the wonderful Meet Me at Mikes book, and from some other blogs too, that places are out of stock and if there is anyone who wants the book now right this minute or cannot get their hands on them anywhere else ( even after those bookstores restock) my local Book Shop the Avenue Bookstore has 20+ of the book in stock NOW!

You can find them here.
127 Dundas Place, Albert Park
Victoria, Australia
phone: os 96902227
fax: 0396963392

Speaking of the book, I just wanted to take the chance to say what an incredibly beautiful and fabulous book it is. One of the most special craft books around. I can't wait til I get a bit more time on my hands and I can start doing some of the projects!
I feel incredibly proud and flattered to be in it, and to be among so many incredibly talented and clever people. It is quite humbling. On Monday night I was at the Book Launch, which was lovely where I both got to meet people I knew by name only who turned out to be even better in person, and of course see a lot of people I love dearly.
Pip has done an amazing job, she must be so proud. The layout of the book alone is like an artwork.
For those of you not in the know, I've got a little project in it. His name is Morris and he's sort of your introduction to amigurumi. And I hope some peeps will give him a go.... I'd love to see them, and remember the wonkier the better. You can upload them here.

A wee poem

I'm not much of a writer but last night I made up this poem, after reading one of my favourite books: Just Bears by Martin Lennan. It's a gorgeous book full of little poems about bears and photos of the BEST most beautiful wonky, worn, weird, funny old bears ever.

Furry is my little friend
who'll be with me until the end.
Although he's rather bare for a bear
and a lost alot of hair.
Always there for a kiss and cuddle
when my mind is in a muddle,
wise old eyes to set me straight
and keeps me company when up late

by me, Jess McCaughey 1/04/2009.