Monday, 17 March 2014

Mr Shagalicious,yellow fuzz and others

One of the new things I started making during my long blogging hiatus was these new little standing bears.

These guys are quite little and about as miniature as I get ( which isn't very miniature at all really) when it comes bears, measuring about 4.5" tall and 5.5" long.
They are inspired by the little steiff crib toys from the 1920s-30s.
I had wanting to be make them for quite sometime, but spent a lot of time studying pictures and thinking about them.
I liked the idea of having a little bear, but also something different to my other guys who are all jointed and more "teddies" rather than little bears if you know what I mean, but who were still keeping in the same sort of style.
And when I finally did the first little guy came together  easily on the first go.
first little guy
It was funny though I had to pinch myself, as they only take about a day to make, which was both exciting and felt slightly wrong at the same time, as nothing I make using is that quick.
One thing I love about them is they have found a perfect use to my scraps of mohair left over from my bigger bears, which aren't enough to make another bear, but feel like to much to throw away ( especially as mohair is about $200 a metre!)
And because I hand dye all my mohairs it makes each little one unique and one of a kind.
my favourie one so far
They are also the perfect thing to do while waiting for the said mohair to dry for my bigger guys.
Since then they've been quite a few including my two latest ones, nicknamed Mr Shagalicious

Mr Shagalicious
and Yellow Fuzz ( because the tan one is very rather shaggy and the other well is self explanatory)
Yellow Fuzz
Who I popped in the shop earlier today :)


nicole said...

that photo of them both together at the end, SO CUTE!
glad to see you back in the blogging game jess, missed you lovely!

barra said...

Hi Jess,

Lovely to see you blogging again. Love your new bears, rabbits and chicks. You studio sharing sounds as if it would be great.


Sally said...

Wow Jess. I love them. There is nothing you cannot do. So gorgeous.

Kerridwen said...

Seriously cute! Wonkiness is nice, it makes them unique :)

jen hangca said...

Oh! kids would definitely love that cute little bears! Good job Jess! =)

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