Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Sometimes anothers person trash is another persons treasure.
and sometimes people are amazing generous in this wonderful blogging world.
A while the very lovely and generous Miss Muggins, sent me a huge bag of mohairs she had bought when she was interested in making bears.
Many years had passed according to her, and she had not made many bears, and didn't feel she would again. So bless her, she thought of me, and voila I got this amazing gift.
I can't tell you how blown away by her act I was, mohair is expensive , and yet she refused payment of any sorts.
Included in this treasure trove, was this orange mohair, a mohair that wasn't available anymore.
I instantly loved the fabric ( I did dye it a little to give it an older edge) , it was only enough for one small bear. What I loved about the fabric too, and i guess other people choices, I probably never would have bought this colour myself, yet I love it.And not wanting to waste it on the wrong one, it sat there waiting until I found the right bear for it.

That moment was until now, and Julius was born, a funny little bashful clown, with a hidden quirky sense of humour. His not everyone's cup of tea, like the colour of his fur. but hopefully he will find someone who can unlease that humorous side.

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