Friday, 19 July 2013

Goodbye to a new space

A couple of weeks ago, and an old friend a new space wound up and finished.

Yes I'm talking about My Creative Space. Run by the amazing Kirsty.
I can't remember when Kirst first started my creative space, but it was many years ago now, from her blog and them later moving it over to Kidspot.

I was a player from the beginning and also a big benefitter of it. To be until MCS, i had been a little lost in the big world of blog land, without many friends or followers. But through my creative space and the weekly posting what I was making, or what was in my space, and eagerly seeing what others were up to, and the comments and encouragement I got and gave, I began to make my own true blog friends and contacts. And Yes blogging has changed and my creative space changed as with new social media fads replaced blogging for a lot. But I always loved MCS, and remained ever grateful to it and Kirsty, for the friendships that came out of it, and putting me more on the map in the blogging world. And how when it was going I always tried to contribute to it. It got me to blog at least once a week.
Mr Frisbee with Mr Rusty an old steiff bear he is based off

I wanted to talk this time to thank Her and it and say see you MCS, I'll miss you and thank you.
It's been fun and great.
And this bear Mr Frisbee is one of the latest completed things to come out of my creative space.


jennie said...

Thank you for writing this Jess. So so true for alot of us. It was a reason to make, to share and made it possible to make so many good friends out there! I will miss it.x

Kylie Hunt said...

Yah! Well said Jess :)
I totally agree and said as much on my blog too. What an end to an era! All those wonderful contributors (like you!) whom I may never have met were it not for Kirsty. I may still have the odd creative space too ;) Kx

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh no Jess, I had no idea it was finishing. I will really miss it too.

Miss Muggins said...

I share all of the above sentiments. MCS was an inspired way to find like minded crafty types. I will sadly miss it, even though I had not contributed too much of late. Thanks Jess for your lovely eulogy!

Catherine said...

Beautifully put, Jess. even though I can't remember when I last managed a creative space post of my own, I will miss it too ( and be grateful for the friendships it brought to me and many others) xxxx ps I love Mr Frisbee's tum

Sofia Sana said...

It's been fun and great.
And this bear is one of the latest things to come out of my creative space.
Keep posting new info here
Thank you very much!

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