Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Elsie and Stan

Generally speaking when a idea or inspiration for a bear comes to me, i can't get it out of mind, I become obsessed with it and won't let up until I've finished it. SOmetimes it's not something I can do straight away, due to orders and such and then it just nags and nags at me.
Such was the case with Elsie and Stan.
WHen I rediscovered a pic of an old pair of steiff bears from the 30's who had always been together,  in one of my bear scrapbooks,  I wanted to make my own version of them, of them right done to the their almost matching outfits. I loved the idea of a pair of bears, especially like an old married couple who would always and had always been together.

I also loved the fact that the bears themselves were very worn and fully of character, more wonky than cute, right up my alley, but at the same time wearing detailed hand knitted outfits.
For this I had to go against one of my own ultimate bear beliefs ( that all bears are boys ) and make a girl bear.
And eventually ( yes it did take forever) Elsie

and then Stan were born.

And never to be separated, made for each other, quite literally.
And now lucky them, they are off to be in their forever home is NY!


Catherine said...

Elsie and Stan really do look like they belong together forever.

Bon voyage, Elsie and Stan! I hope you love living in New York xxx

Kathryn said...

I'd love to see the reference photo, and can't wait to meet them!

Stitch and Yarn said...

Elsie really does look like a girl bear too :-)

Mare said...

Oh Jess! They are Lovely!I wish it was MY NY home they were headed to!!!Love, mare

The Westfield Sandown said...

So cute! We especially love the nitted outfits! Martin x

UmmBilal said...

I have been an admirer of your wonderful bears for some time, but the Wonk Wonk one is 'calling' me. Can you please email a reply so I can arrange an order?
Thanking you in advance.

Erin saw said...

Wow, these bears are really wonderful and so cute specially that are in pair.

Charlie Bears