Saturday, 29 June 2013

Um the white elephant the room ( For me anyway)

OK I'm going to take the plunge here and say, Im feeling weird/sad/strange about Google Reader ending in 2 days. Are you?
I don't know to be honest, I think when i first found out about it months ago, it affected my motivation to blog ( which might explain my terrible lack of posts) like it was somehow the beginning of the end.
Now less so, but still the fact that google reader is ending feels sad to me, odd and i also wonder why.
Perhaps no one uses a reader anymore except me, but it was such a convienent way to keep all my blogs in place. I worry I lose touch, and without them all there together, time and work and life will get in the way, and they'll be lost.
I don't know and perhaps to me, I'm said, because it's somehow feels like the end of era for me. Yes Blogging isn't what it once was, it's been discussed alot,   so why am feeling so weird about the death of Reader?
I'm probably over thinking it all as usual.
Oh and I will keep blogging post Google Reader. despit my earlier feelings.
But how do you feel about it?


jennie said...

I feel the same Jess - its going to be so strange. And will be interesting to see if people will read the blogs as much.XX

Kylie Hunt said...

I only found out about it yesterday - that's how out of the loop I am ;) I think it was because I found out about it in a post that was inviting followers to shift over to Bloglovin' that I wasn't as sad as I might have been... Have you had a peek at Bloglovin' Jess? I love it! More than Google Reader! Actually, I've been grabbing spare moments today adding all the blogs I follow to BL and have just done yours :) Have a look - I really like it. You can group your blogs into categories and I've put the link on my Bookmark Bar so it's much easier just to click on that to see who has posted.

You can find me here:

and you can import all your current blog list onto BL here:

K xx

Kylie Hunt said...

Forgot to say...

I don't know if it's just the novelty of it but I'm a lot more excited about blogging now because I feel I can see all the blogs easier on BL.


Katie_Margaret said...

I've started using Feedly and so far so good. It's even actually cuter than Reader! So I overcame my initial upset and all is going to be ok, I think :)

Speaking of such things, I can't comment on your blog with just my name/email and URL.

Kellie said...

Certainly not alone Jess. I feel like I'm losing a friend. I'm using feedly, love it as an app but nothing can replace Reader.