Thursday, 27 June 2013


From the very beginning it seem Percy was fated to be a bit of a melancholy, worried slightly scared bear.
Well at least that was the general consensus from a lot of peeps on Instagram.
It's funny, I don't really have much control over the spirit of personality a bear has I feel.
If they want to come out a certain way they will regardless of all I try.

But to me that's ok, like people bears, can't all be happy, confident out going types or happy all the time
And we all have perhaps a bit of Percy in us at times.
for more creative spaces.

PS Percy's waiting for his mate in the shop


animalfarmlady said...

Aw, he's so sweet Jess! I feel him tugging at my heart...maybe he needs to come and live with me and hang out with his big brother bears....


jodie said...

I think Percy is a perfectly happy quiet little chap, his happiness just looks different to other peoples.