Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Home and OOOPS!!

Remember in my last post how i said I was a bad blogger?
Well true to form, I sort of went Overseas and came back without letting you know.
San Francisco to be exact for a big family palooza and catch up. Most of my american family ( my mum's family ) lives there and my sister came across too from the UK.
and one the biggest highlights and points for me making the trip was meeting gorgeous niece Grace for the first time.

Another was spending some time at my cousins new in the making organic farm in Petaluma just
outside San Francisco.

Stella the jersey and Jack my step nephew

doing some tomato seeding

It was a crazy busy full on lovely time. There was lots of socialising, babysitting, sight seeing and running around.

Though I did manage to sneak an all important trip to Japan Town ( and Kinokuniya ) 

and a spot of op and vintage shopping ( 5 cardigans/jumpers for $25 !)

 I'm sorry I sort of left out the blue and didn't tell you i was going. But I just felt it was a bit "hi and Bye" considering how regular my posts have been as late .
As lovely it was, it's wonderful to be back to my dear of melbs.


jennie said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful trip!
And that Grace is so gorgeous - what a beautiful girl!! Welcome home J!XX

Kylie Hunt said...

Eek! How fantastic!! I love SF and it absolutely looks like you had a ball. So glad you are home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing these great pics too :) Kx

Mare said...

Jess! How wonderful for you! And i'm glad you are back home too. By the way, you are not the only bad blogger out there...;)

Handmade Romance said...

jess welcome back, i thought you must have been on your trip when things got quiet : ) it looks like a lot of amazing stuff was seen and done. how cute is little gracie...!!! thanks for sharing all your pics, so great to see. hope you are getting some post holiday rest. take care xx

Jessi said...

looks like a wonderful time jess! love the pics :)