Monday, 25 March 2013


I've been a bad blogger.
But I'm taken up with this particular gentleman ( or gentlebear) George.

I got the idea for George when I saw a old steiff bear I just loved and felt compelled to make my own version. He was quite different to my usual steiff style guys, much chunkier/ bulkier , broader and less
So 5 heads later (!- I admit 3 of those were just using up scraps stabs in the dark- but the following 2 were real reject heads) I felt we have had some progress. It's always difficult trying something really different and stepping out of your comfort zone, but you know me i was obsessed. And a while after George was born.

I was even more driven than usual ( ?) as I had not been that happy with my last two bears and was determined to break that .
And he is one chunky bear!! But hopefully a nice chunky. And his chunkiness does give him a bit of earthiness and is nice to hold.

George  is a very late addition to my creative space....


Catherine said...

You are most definitely NOT a bad blogger, Jess - you are wonderful, and you make the most amazing bears xoxo

Mare said...

Oh Jess, i absolutely love him and i hope you make more chunky bears like him again! And don't worry about blogging. i think we all go missing sometimes. I've been blogging more and less lately too! Happy Easter! Love, mare

Kylie Hunt said...

Wow Jess! He really does look amazing. Fuller and well-fed certainly, but also more mature I guess ;) Funny isn't it how that can make such a difference? Nice work :) Kx

Jessi said...

what a gorgeous little fella jess!! :)

I am back in the blogging world!

jessi x