Sunday, 10 March 2013

Better late than ever

Hopefully. I'm not really sure MCS is still open but here's trying.
I must admit the heatwave is affecting me, i'm sorry I've been so out of it. Still doing my thing, making a mess and making bears, but just not feeling my brains been working well in terms of writing something readible or that makes sense ( which I know at the best of times I don't often)
My creative space has been until recently ( and i'm not willing to show what i'm doing right now)
has been about this guy finishing him off.

He was a special order for lovely friend as an  13th anniversary present for her partner. I not only was so touched to be asked , I always feel pretty touched someone trusts me to make something for someone they love, but I loved it too as she was being all old fashioned about it and looked up what mediums were traditionally given at the 13th years.
They were lace, fur and something else, and she had choosen fur, as she thought her partner would love one of my bears and something in the old steiffy style ones.
Will with my old steiff bear Gus who he is inspired by
And so Will has worked on ( he was the one I was working on last week, due to his size and level of ageing he takes a while to make)
 and Will was born.

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willywagtail said...

Will has a very trusting look about him. Hopefully his furriness is not causing him trouble in the heat like you have been having. Cherrie

Jodie said...

Oh the heat - it is unrelenting. I love that photo of Will with his tummy open. I never really thought about the tummy as being an opening kind of place. I love seeing in-progress shots. They intrigue me!

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Will is lovely!
I am finding this heat too much also, look forward to the cool change Thursday.