Wednesday, 6 February 2013

heads will roll

 Continuing on from my theme of last week, going with the heart this week.
But this week unlike last , there's little to show.
That's not to say there's not been bear making going on, just not much I feel I want to show.
The thing is with going with the heart, is while it's  so rewarding when it turns out , it's upsetting and unnerving and frustrating when it doesn't. So here I am now on my 3rd head of a new improved bear I want to make, and trying hard to not loose the faith.

In the meantime I've started working on my annual Easter update, the only holiday i really get into in any form in my shop. A bit of nice easy know i can do it, while I tackle to the hard stuff.

Hopefully head number 3 will work out .
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Mare said...

I have confidence that from those hands, magic will happen! I KNOW it's in there...You've just got to be patient and let it happen in it's own time. All the little bears and buns that live here that have come from your hands say HI!

Kylie Hunt said...

Adorable!! I love these wabbits :) Good luck with the next heart head, Jess. Kx

Wombat's Picnic said...

I know the feeling Jess. Sometimes what you see in your head is not what your hands make. Wishing you luck:)Cyndy