Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Summer bumming and a knitting Christmas

Happy belated New Year!!!
I had a wonderful break of between Christmas and the New year, of bumming out, reading a great book, lots of knitting 
Sock for Dad for Christmas above and below, 

Mum' Swans scarf finally finished!
a custom order scarf for Poss 2 from a customer
doing some gardening and enjoying the Summer. Eating peaches, watching DVD's going to some great music. You know that sort of thing
Really the first time I've taken a break like this, and taken a break from bear making.

OK not quite true i've been slowing working on one over the time ( one of those i love to make  ones that take forever due to certain aging processes I put the through) but not feeling any rush or deadline or anything it's been lovely.
I've just enjoyed the feeling of not rushing not having to be somewhere post Christmas when there is so much rushing before hand and so much stuff to do
Only in this last week has the holiday ended. and to be honest a bit too soon for me!
Oh well I'm grateful to have the time off that I did.

I hope you've had/are having/been able to have a break and relax.

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Mare said...

i was wondering where you were! It is nice to take a break every once in a while...but you were missed! Oh and i have my sweet little Christmas teddy Bernie right here with Humphrey and Otis! He is just beautiful Jess! My husband figured he couldn't miss if he ordered the first thing at the top of my Christmas wish list! :) Thanks Jess...The bear family grows!