Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Igor - the bear that took forever for me to make ( and almost as long to post about him)

It's been a while...

I named Igor after the little rather wonky gosling in Fly Away home one of my favourite films that a friend recommended to me. The little gosling struggles a bit more than the others, is always a bit behind them, sort of like the runt.
I think Igor the bear is a bit the same. He is the wonkiest mohair bear i've done to date, his eyes are completely lopsided I'm not sure you can see so well in the photos. His ears are two different sizes too, a pattern for each of them. So if you like perfect bears, Igor is not for you.
the wonkiness is totally intential, Igor is inspired or based off my own old steiff wonky Ferdy.
( pictured with Ferdy in below pictures)

Igor is a slow moving, quiet little bear. Not much of a talker ( maybe due to lack of mouth stitching) more of an observer. He's the sort of bear that finds the rabbit tail in the field and the four leaf clover in the grass. Igor also has one of the worlds largest collections of pet rocks, all named Roger.

Igor sort of bear i love to make, that takes forever due to the many ageing processes and wonkings that need to go on plus plenty of head obsessing and such. And making sure I was happy, with no rush or deadline, just when I felt he wasr ready.
I worked on him on and off over the summer break for a total of something like 3-4 weeks!
i think that might be a record for me.
I know he won't be everyone's sort of bear, he's not really "cute",  more soulful, he's very wonky and imperfect, a bit left field. But that doesn't bother me so much, he's my sort of bear ( and he's already on his way to Brooklyn, NY!)
And it was funny when I finally finished him, I felt a little bereft that he was finished, and found it hard to change gear.
Do you know what I mean? That sometimes when you've loved making something, or a great book and it's over and you feel a bit lost or not ready to move on?
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