Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Going with the heart.

I had been wanted to make this bear for sometime. My own version of my dearly beloved Mr Rusty ( see 3rd and 4th  pics)  The compulsion and need and feeling this absolutely had to be the next bear I made pretty much took over and I couldn't barely ( no pun intended ) concentrate on anything else. This bear was in the mode, as I say.

So I made and made, and wonked and aged and generally made a mess. It was fairly obvious to me pretty soon, his name was Mr Frisbee.

Mr Frisbee with Mr Rusty my old steiff bear who I based Mr F off 

 And then he was finished and whole, and I am pretty pleased with him. Which was nice to feel that after being so obsessed and wanting so much to make him.
Really there's nothing better than going with your heart when making. Making what your heart wants, rather than what might be more popular or safe. 
I always I try to make like this as much as possible, but this year it's going to be my main focus when I can.
Because it is the most rewarding. ( for me anyway) 


An itch to cross stitch.. said...

He is beautiful, well done!

Kirsty said...

He's PERFECT Jess.

handmade romance said...

Jess! Mr Frisbee is awesome : ) Yes, to more making with your heart this year too. Have fun xx