Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My creative space

the whole getting ready for the market and last couple of weeks made me realise something.
I really don't like deadlines, or making bears to a deadline. Im one of those people who hates to rush, will always wake up earlier than I need to to unsure I get somewhere on time and can taken my time getting ready and have time to dwaddle.
And I hate rushing my bears even more. Or feeling like i have to, and the feeling of being under pressure makes me feel like i have to, even though no one else is telling me to, only me really putting pressure on myself. 
anyway this week is a quieter and calmer week, no deadlines really except Christmas. And post market on Sunday and Monday, I felt I didn't want to make another bear for a good while, that all i wanted to do was knit socks for a while.

  I had one more order to do, pictured above, and I think it was good to have something that I had to do at that point.
But then suddenly after I finished  I had a rush of  feeling inspired and I wanted to make 3 bears all at once. Which of course I can't, but I started on one, below and when he is done figure out which of the other two in my head , most need to get out of my head first.
It's nice to feel that urge that inspired feeling, to in some way return to the total pleasure of making something and feeling excited. That i have 3 bears I want to make, rather than 3 bears I have make. If that makes sense.

So I think big deadlines and pressure times are not , in a way my best making  and working times. Even if I'm more productive in those pressure times, I think that's different than feeling more inspired.
Am I making any sense? Do you make better under pressure and deadlines, or do you like your own time to dawdle and ponder and make in your own time? Are you a rusher or a dawdler ?


An itch to cross stitch.. said...

I know what you mean. I am a dawdler. I hate rushing too and like my own time to do things. Your bear looks gorgeous with his wry hair, and your new one is looking lovely already.

Mare said...

I know for me, if i have a deadline or any pressure to "perform" i DO get more done. BUT i do not enjoy the process like i do when i create what i want to, when i want to. So i feel the same way you do Jess....and you know how i feel about your lovely little, mare

Sally said...

I can't handle deadlines either. They send me into a spin and make me literally sick. I am so often early places because I'd rather be waiting than experience the anxiety related to feeling like I'm running late.

I just love that last shot with the beautiful musical paper - it reminds me of the time when we received O.'s bear and all the wonderful feelings associated with that.

Joolz said...

I know exactly what you mean!! Love your sweet little bear!

Kylie Hunt said...

I used to be a last-minute assignment hander-innera at school - it always seemed to bring out my best work and make me crystallise my thoughts etc... BUT... crafting, that's something different. I've come to realise that I can't do the rushed thing and deadlines just send me into a tail-spin where I end up wasting more time faffing about in a flap than actually achieving something....

So yes, I totally understand :) Glad your flap is over Jess... mine is still going here and craft has nothing to do with it unfortunately.

Good to see your lovely new bear :) Have fun making at your own pace.