Wednesday, 7 November 2012

a week of finishing and too many bodies.

I seemed to be do a lot of finishing off and putting together of bears and toys this week. It's funny some weeks, I seem to make heaps and more toys get finished, where some weeks, I've worked just as hard on them but they don't get to that finishing off point. Funny how they all get to finishing stage at the same time.
On Tuesday somehow I'd amassed 3 bear bodies and pieces already to be finished off and made whole.
I don't tend to like to finish off more than one of two more bears in a day, as i don't know it's silly but I don't want to detract from each one, I want each one to have it's own little moment and space in time.  But one tuesday it seemed a little silly to only finish one , so I finished off two and left the 3rd for another day.
The included this fellow, another bather bloke

 and a fluffy Donut.

And from earlier in the week , I felt the need to Lamb.

Do you feel like some weeks, things you've been making  all reach the finishing point at the same time? Can you relate to my too many bodies/ projects feeling?
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PS I'm not doing very well on this month of. Sorry Kirst!


Kylie Hunt said...

Wow! You have had a great finishing week Jess. They are all just wonderful and I felt my heart lift when i saw your beautiful lamb and realised I must have felt the need to Lamb too :) Kx

Jodie said...

Know just whatyou mean Jess, its like all the work manages to reach finishing point at the same time...and we feel so productive.
Your bathing guy is every single colour of awesome Jess.

Mare said...

Jess, i have a whole lot of little bodies knit and crocheted up, but not stuffed or put together yet. Hopefully it will all come together soon.
PS- I love that little swimmer guy! ;)

jennie said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes everything just happens at once and it feels like I can't give the proper amount of attention to some things!!
I think those bathers are absolutely fantastic and always love seeing little Lambies!XXX

Beck said...

It's such a crazy time of year that there is always that sense of too many things happening and not enough time!! Ahhh!! Hey Super Jess, how gorgeous is your Velveteen Rabbit? Omg..just sensational xo

flowerpress said...

I think the bathers guy is too sweet! Its nice that you give them special attention, makes sense as they have such personalities!

Sally said...

Oh I am so fond of your bather bloke... but not that one on the tv in the speedos with the big ears.