Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A velveteen Rabbit

I was thrilled when a lovely lady asked me to making one of my begging rabbits in velveteen, or really The Velveteen Rabbit , to go with the famous book of the same name  she was giving her daughter for her birthday.
The Velveteen Rabbit, is one of my absolute favourite books, and one whose message and story is very close to my heart and all I believe about toys.

I was a little daunted too,  hoping I was up to the challenge. I found as I made my version that it looked better with a pink nose and black eyes , rather than going with the amber and black eyes and red noses in the original illustraions. So it's not really an exact match so to speak, but hopefully very much in the spirit.
And hopefully will be loved like the original in the book . ( Mr Whiskers is at least feeling the love) 


Joolz said...

Aww it's lovely!

Jane said...

Oh even just reading 'The Velveteen Rabbit' written down almost brings tears to my eyes! I think you have very much done justice to the spirit of the book. I tried several times to read that book to my boys but ended up sobbing. Might you make more of these dears?

Mare said...

Jess, LOVE the bunny and Love Mr. Whiskers too!

Catherine said...

your velveteen rabbit is so special, Jess - totally in the spirit of that beautiful book xox

Sally said...

SNAP... AGAIN!!! We love the velveteen rabbit here too. One of our favourite stories for sure. I always shed a tear (or two) I can't help myself.
Adoring your velveteen rabbit too.