Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scout- the unphotogenic bear

I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger these past few weeks, not visiting much not posting much.
thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post and on this guy when he was still in process. And I really do hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

I never find photographing my bears easy. I'm not a very good photographer that is no secret, it's something that I need to work on, but often the issue is not just that. when I take a photograph of one my guys, I want it to be true to them how they look in the fur and true to their spirit and personality, that i work so hard to put into them.
And this isn't always easy, often I will get a good photo, but the colours, not right or it doesn't look like them even if its a good pic. Sometimes i find the iphone captures some best where as others are best portrayed with my good camera.

SOme bears I make are truly quite photogenic, like my fave the Red bear and Mork and Linus, where as others aren't so much. Like Scout here, who like his maker is very unphotogenic. It was the usual thing all the photos on both cameras either made his face look skinnnier and his nose longer, or got his looks all wrong, and made his eyes too skinny. Made him look harder than he is does , he a sweet little bear with a softness to him. without wanting to sound too vain , he's a lot cuter than the pictures have been able to capture.
And weirdly enough the photos here which are the closest to the way he truly looks and is, where taken not in natural light but at night time with lights on, a usual no no for capturing my bears accurately.
So anyway here he is and with a little knitted vest to boot.

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mel @ loved handmade said...

Jess I think you have captured this little guy beautifully! His sweetness stares right back at you. I love how you create these gorgeous bears with such personality, its a gift & really magical..x

Kylie said...

Maybe it's because he's a nightowl that he needs night light to shine? :) He looks like a lovely quiet soul. I'm not photogenic either - so many people see photos of me and cannot believe I'm the same person... weird ;) That's the way it goes sometimes, isn't it? We live with it :) Hope you have a great rest-of-week Jess. Kx

jennie said...

That is so frustrating!!
I love the last pic here of Scout - in particular.
It looks like he's listening to you and understanding.XXX

Hootnz said...

I can see his personality oozing! Especially the close up on his face... such a sweet face :)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh he is gorgeous! I just want to squeeze and cuddle him. He looks shy, like he is a deep thinker. Love your bears, Jess! said...

All of your creatures seems to be very photogenic Jess. I would love to see them gathered in a book!