Saturday, 17 March 2012

when craft goes horribly wrong

I wrote the other day about a certain bear, a bear who i needed to get right for me, who I was enjoying working on slowly, who was the first thing I had made simply " for me " or just because, and who I was feeling finally quite a bit happier about.
Well yesterday when feeling I was finally there, he was perfect or as perfect as I could get this time , when putting his eyes in properly and putting a joint in his head, the seam around his eye split.
My heart sank and i desperately tried to fix it and , but somehow this made matters only worse.
WHen I finally did managed to sew it shut, it was ruined, or not ruined, but not the bear i had been feeling sort of proud of. As you can imagine, i was a bit devastated and distraught, something i had spent so much time on , energy on and love on, has been lost just like that.
I know I'm going to sound like a bit of a hypocrite with my love of wonk, but believe me the bear was wonky enough, it was something was wrong, which couldn't be fixed and had changed the head changed the spirit etc. I showed mum and she said it was obvious too, so it's not just me being silly. It also wasn't strong, and something I pride myself on is my bears are made to be loved this guy was already to fragile.
Look god i know there are so many many far worse problems out there but at the time, i was shattered. It's hard when something you had is taken away from you just like that.
The good thing is though , i feel like i've cracked something and I still have the pattern.
And today's a new day so it's dye another lot of mohair, and start all over again ( with a wee break from him i think)
do you have any craft horror stories you can relate to mine with?
PS. Apologies for two photoless posts in a row,but as you can imagine, i'm not really feeling like posting a pic or even taking on of the ruined head.


trash said...

My first ever softie, a dinosaur, was made up with arms on all upside down and back to fronty. My husband was mean enough to take a picture and clever enough to have misplaced it in the intervening years.

Catherine said...

oh, Jess - I know how much time, and how much of yourself you invest in your bears... I'm sorry he hasn't worked out xo

Suse said...

Oh dear. Could you whack a great big black patch on one half of his face, sew it down extremely firmly and call himPirate Bear?

As for my worst When Good Craft Goes Bad moment, there are too many to mention. They're mostly stuffed in the back of the wardrobe, waiting for a braver me to do something about them.

Lola Nova said...

Well, this just shows how much heart and soul you put into your critters. I am sorry, I do know that feeling. I do like the pirate bear idea.

Too many catastrophes to mention on my end, and it's a blow every time. Then we dust ourselves off and do better next time.

jennie said...

Sometimes things are just not meant to be, which is so hard to digest after all the time and love gone into these beings.
(love that you've cracked something tho!!)XXX

Kylie said...

Oh Jess... I do understand and they're not memories I choose to relive. When things like this happen, it's really personal, isn't it? All the time and effort and love and perseverance... it strikes at our most vulnerable points. Sorry it didn't work out but I'm glad you have a silver lining of having learned something from it. Kx

Sally said...

Oh no!