Thursday, 15 March 2012

My creative space

There's been another black lamb ( who is a closet RIchmond supporter)
and returning to a bear I was determined to get There with.

I've actually been working on this guy on and off for  week or so, in between bits and stealing moments.
I've enjoyed actually not rushing, and allowing myself to take as much time until I'm happy with him, he is no order, just for me, even though i will not keep him. Yes I may never ben 100% happy with him ( though I can live in hope) but i felt so much last time i needed to happier with him.

And yes it's me at my most perfectionist, obsessive but something I've learnt is no matter what you yourself need to be happy with what you've made.
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jennie said...

LOVE the top on the black lamb. I'm a bit of a black sheep, so might have to order one one day!!
Yup - its gotta feel right, he's looking great!

(hope you got my email - thank you soooo much lovely lady!XX)

Cat said...

I love the little lamb. My Bebito is into sheep at the moment, especially black sheep & he asked me to make him one. As I can't crochet or knit my poor offering was to snip some black wool & have him paste it on a piece of card which I then drew a head, legs & tail. Anyway, I like yours very much indeed!! The teddy is so lovely. He has a sweet little spirit. X

Tania said...

That's an out-and-out Richmond supporter if ever I saw one (though usually they're nowhere near as sweet) and I've got that weird feeling that always comes over me before you find that poor bear its body. Hurry!

PS. I wonder how many skin sheds before Daisy grows back her leg?

Margit said...

the black lamb is so cute - great job

Creative Tail

Catherine said...

your lamb reminds me of when I first moved to Melbourne and didn't quite get the whole footy focus, and was out one day in a black and white cardi (it was actually a granny square one! but shop bought...) and had about 5 people on the tram talk to me about "the pies" (I only worked out what they were on about after the 2nd conversation...) anyway, enough rambling - you know of course I love your work!!! and I hope you're going well xox

Laura said...

I really like your lambs!! I saw one real today!! :)