Sunday, 12 February 2012

Odes to Cosmo

When I was growing up there was a cat next door called Cosmo who I was obsessed with. As a kid i loved cats and really wanted a cat ( i even asked my mum at one point if owning a cat was a job)
but we didn't have one so I sort of adopted Cosmo, though the feelings were not so mutual. Cosmo was a character and amoung other things he liked hiding down drains and sitting under and on cars.
However nothing could deter my love for Cosy as I used to call him.
Last night my mum found a couple of things I had made in the past in ode to cosy.
Including possibly my first ever toy made by

A book entitled This is Cosmo ( the cover is the top photo)
which was mostly true

but at times I maybe used a bit of artistic licence

( it was rather long but I spared showing you all the pages)
And a birthday letter to Cosmo

(You might want to click on it to read it more carefully.)


jennie said...

That is so gorgeous!
Especially asking how the cars are going. How great that your mum kept them all this time!XX

CurlyPops said...

Completely and utterly adorable!

Tania said...

Gold! Serious GOLD. Even if Cosmo didn't know how good he had it.

Kylie said...

Oh Jess... how gorgeous... really REALLY just so beautiful. I agree with Tania - LUCKY COSMO!

Finch said...

This book is brilliant,i love it.x

Mare said...

Oh Jess, i love this....So sweet....

handmade romance said...

oh jess this is just too adorable! i love that your mum still had this too. cosmo is dashing in his bow-tie in your birthday letter to him. so so cute!!!

Wendy said...

Kudos to your mum ---not only for having the wisdom to save thesr---but for giving birth to you! :P

Excited for the big night?

Sally said...

This is so sweet ... I'm a little emotional about it. Your first every handmade toy - brilliant Jess. Big time love.