Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Toytown Tales the pics- Part 2

 Fix it bear ( or Frederick as I liked to call him). Based off Martin's painting Fix It bear.

Beatrice- remember that giraffe drama. This sweet innocent looking girl was the reason for all that agony and drama and hard work ( she was the hardest of all the toys of the show)

Mr Pringles- An orginal bear by me who was painted by Martin in a picture 

Francis - An original elephant by me who was painted in the a picture by Martin

Stanley- Based off a koala in two of Martin's paintings.

Kermit - an original bear by Me painted in a picture by Martin

Crumpet - an original Bear by me. NOt in any painting made entirely because a) I liked the Mork pattern so much I wanted to use it again. and B) because I felt fitted into the show well

And lastly Jeremy who was based off a penguin in two of Martin's paintings.

PS UM without sounding bragging, pieces are moving quickly from the show if you are interested in snagging something pop here.


jennie said...

I do not know how you managed to make a standing giraffe! Beatrice is amazing Jess - you are a very very clever crafter!!xx

Wendy said...

Wow. Just wow.

willywagtail said...

today Fixit bear's eyes are doing it for me. Very Toy Town sort of a look. And Jeremy is reminding me of a Pixar movie - brains not working today though. Cherrie

pussman said...

THey are all super! I wish you all the luck

ally said...

they are all gorgeous
wish I was in Melbourne

Sally said...


Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Hiya Jess, haven't been around the blog traps for a few months and I've never been more sorry. Your exhibition guys are utterly gorgeous!! And you are sold out! Wow, Congratulations! Francis is my favorite, is he the one driving Mr Pringles Pancake Stretch Limo. Oh I wish I'd known I would have gone in : (