Monday, 19 December 2011

For Michelle

One of my friends beloved cat Max died this year. And Max was like Turtle is to me, but was alot order and had been with Mich a very long time, so she was devasted as you could understand.
Max was max in more ways than one if you get my drift, she was a maximum cat.
I've wanted to and slowly over the last few months made her an ode to Max or a feline friend to comfort her. NOt to replace Max with - impossible, but i know she would be so sad and unable to get another pet any time soon.
So here she is, my ode to Maximum Cat. And she is quite like max, in she is rather larger than I meant her to be.
I do hope she likes her.
I'm sorry the photos are so crappy, I've sort of lost my proper camera, and these were taken with the Iphone, which camera is er limited. But I wanted to take some pics before I wrapped her up and sent her off. So these are better than none.

Hope you're surviving out there in all the CHristmas crazy and enjoying it too xo


Vic said...

Great job Jess; I think she should be Odette... ;) She'll be loved, you sweet gal.

willywagtail said...

Cute pussy! Love the back and the way his tail sits. Gordon sends his love. He's still very sleepy and sends his apologies for not posting pictures of his new home. Cherrie

Jennie said...

How gorgeous are those ears!?
Brilliant once again clever lady!X

Kylie said...

That's such a beautiful thing to do Jess, and Max is just gorgeous. I'm sure your friend will love him :)
It is rather crazy, isn't it? Hope things have calmed down for you now :) Kx

Kate said...

LOVE!!!!! Your friend is super lucky to have you as a friend Miss Jess. You are super ace and your ktty cat is cuterama. I'm pretty happy to be leaving the city for the country calm in the morning. Christmas is doing my head in. xx

Selina said...

Oh so sweet Jess! I lost my Max last year and there is not a day that goes by I don't think of him. He was also very max, that's how he got his name. We brought him home and he went nuts running around all over the place, I said he is MAD, and so "Mad Max" it was!

Your friend will just love this!

Wendy Bernstein said...

Such a sweetie! And the cat is lovely, too..

Mare said...

You are the sweetest friend Jess....Your friend will LOVE it! It is always hard to loose an old friend. My Bella kitty passed away just 3 weeks ago. She was 20 years old. It's hard to believe she is gone...

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

She is going to LOVE that catty!!! So clever Jess, really, really love that cat. Beautiful work - as always. Happy Christmas beautiful. x