Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My place and Yours- My Pincushion

I've had my pincushion for 10 or 12 years. He is one of the first things I made when I was starting make bears. He was inspired by the early steiff elephant pincushions, which were amoung the first things Steiff made ( actually the first toy Margarete Steiff ever made which is a nice parallel being one of the first toys I made too)
And not to worry he once had ears but over his 10 or 12 year life span of being pinned and transported about the place, he lost them.
Unlike a lot of things I've made in the past, which I'm quite often embarrassed by, I love my pincushion. And I know I could make a better one now , i love his wonkiness and to be honest i find his lack of ears rather endearing. He is a reminder of where I've come and he's been with me and served me well for such a long time.
Despite my attachment him, i was shocked to realise this morning that he doesn't have a name.
Except Ear less Elephant Pincushion, and when I tried to think of another name none seemed to suit him as well ;)

I also have a second pin cushion because of my wonderful capacity to loose things ( or ELEP goes walk about - you decide), Which I also made 12 years ago now, when I was at the Embroiderers Guild. I figure by having two , I'm doubling up my chances of having one pincushion on me at all times. However I've found this logic doesn't always work, and they often both get lost at the same time.
as you can see both my pincushions are quite well loved, and stuffing covered- inevitable I guess when you are a toy maker.
To Peak at more pincushions, pop over to Vic's.


Jennie said...

What a lot of meaning both of your pin cushions have!! I love ELEP!xx

Jackie said...

Your elephant pincushion is perfect even if he doesn't have any ears! The cross stitch one is very cute as well.

Miss Muggins said...

Oh Jess, I looooove ELEP. I too have a thing for Steiff elephants, and have a few books with pictures of them that I used to be obessed by! (back when I too was a bear maker).
I love the other one too, and subscribe to the concept of having multiples of things!
Lots of hugs xxx

Sally said...

Yes... my cushions go walk about too... that is why I'm partial to collecting more.

Love your earless elephant cushion. So wonderful. So you. So great.

Vic said...

Love ELEP Jess! Such personality & he's perfect, ear-less & all. xx

Kylie said...

They are both divine :) I need to follow your example and have two for when I can't find mine! ;) Kx