Monday, 27 April 2009

Just a minute in.... April

time for the monthly round up thanks to Jen
Watching: Same old same old- West Wing, deep into season 5. ( i just love this show, I'm not sure what I will do when it ends)
Listening : Bill Callahan's latest " I wish we were an eagle" I've been waiting and wanting this album for ages, and it's so worth it, I love his deep voice, lyrics about nature and animals and beautiful things. Also The Rise and Fall of Goodtown by Wagons. Fun stuff.
Making: well most of April was spent on this guy, but also currently finishing up a Cornflakes and then some more little amigurumi guys.
Eating: This month I've "discovered"a new food, well new for me. Firstly it started with Tinned beetroot ( yum) . Then I decided if I like tinned Beetroot why not try just plain old normal beetroot that i cook myself, even better I say. My mum's best friend has a pumpkin plant that's going crazy so I've been eating lots of roast pumpkin and beetroot. ( but now since I'm sick I had to stop my beetroot/pumpkin obsession because well it was not agreeing with me, and eat tinned chicken soup - i think it tastes good when you are sick.)
Mourning: the death of my Ipod. Sometime last week it sort of had a nervous breakdown of sorts, and I think it needs to go to the doctor.  I'm missing it terribly. It's weird how quickly you become used to having things like Ipods, mobiles etc. I have my ipod less than a year, survived many years and countless walks without it, but then  suddenly the past 5 days of musicless walks and the less "musical" freedom I have found a little unbearably. ( then again I am sick, so perhaps I'm just a little sensy.)

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earl and cookie said...

hope you feel better soon Jess - good that you have west wing tho, we're watching season 5 too (but only a few eps in), i love it & used to watch it on telly but then decided that it would be great to watch it on dvd in order...SO good. yes it'll be a bummer when it ends, but i'll prob watch arrested development again..